Field Work in Washington County

How a Conservation Culture Was Born

Washington County, Iowa, has consistently been one of the highest performing counties for cover crop acres in Iowa. The reputation of farmers there goes back decades, when several prominent families started no-tilling and shared their experiences with each other, helping each other learn. With no-till mastered, many added conservation practices on from there, such as cover crops and  bioreactors to mop up excess nutrients and keep them from polluting local waterways. Others went on to integrate livestock into their operations, as part of a more regenerative system, and sought to diversify their crops beyond corn and soy. Washington County happens to be where Field Work’s Mitchell Hora hails from. He and co-host Zach Johnson sought to figure out exactly how Washington County’s conservation culture came about so that others can learn from it. 

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Photo at top: Jon Reynolds | VENN for Field Work