Kamal BellKamal Bell

Why Kamal Bell Became a First-Generation Farmer

Food deserts are places with limited access to fruits and vegetables. When the topic popped up in one of his college classes, Kamal Bell decided to do more than just talk about it. Bell started Sankofa Farms, a 12-acre farm in North Carolina. He grows kale, raises farm-fresh eggs and keeps bees there. In this episode, Bell talks about overcoming the challenges he faces as a first-generation Black farmer and why he's committed to helping young people gain valuable agriculture experience.
Zach Johnson, Tara Vander Dussen and Mitchell HoraZach Johnson, Tara Vander Dussen and Mitchell Hora

Coming Soon: Field Work Season Four

Big changes are coming! Tara Vander Dussen, a New Mexico dairy farmer, will be joining Zach Johnson and Mitchell Hora as a Field Work co-host. Throughout Season 4, Zach, Mitchell and Tara will be engaging in honest and authentic conversations about the ups and the downs of sustainable agriculture. They’ll learn about prairie strips, talk to the founders of a regenerative dairy farm, visit the “Godfather of Soil Health,” and continue the conversation about agriculture’s role in curbing climate change. The new season launches ​April 13​​.